Natural Perfumes

Each of these sumptuous natural perfumes is brimming with a story to tell. The inspiration for each perfume is detailed on the perfume’s profile page, along with some of the emotional and energetic benefits associated with the perfume’s natural ingredients.

All Soulfire Artisan natural perfumes are handcrafted from 100% natural botanical essences in a plant-derived ethanol base. These essences include essential oils, solvent and CO2 extracted absolutes, resins and balsams. Synthetic fragrances and preservatives are not knowingly used in any Soulfire Artisan perfume.

Each Soulfire Artisan natural perfume is bottled in an Italian glass flacon and attractively presented in a handmade wooden veneer box, with my original artwork design. This box can be repurposed once your perfume is used to hold small items such as ipod buds or lipstick. As an ethical business owner, I take my responsibility to the environment very seriously. No plastics, excess filler or promotional packaging is used. All Soulfire Artisan packaging can be recycled.

Soulfire Artisan natural perfumes cannot be sent by airmail, due to the ethanol content. To find out more about our shipping rates, times and sending overseas please see here. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $60.

Wearing natural perfumes made from purely botanical extracts will impact you emotionally and energetically. I have worked with essential oils therapeutically for over 15 years and know their qualities intimately. I use this entire body of knowledge when creating a perfume, blending the ingredients carefully to ensure that each perfume smells soulfully beautiful and is restorative at a subtle energy level.

I invite you to ignite your spirit with fragrance.