Joy (Essential Oil Blend)

Joy (Essential Oil Blend)


Exquisite, nurturing and deeply passionate, Soulfire’s Joy essential oil blend inspires the natural energy flow of the heart.  Rose and Neroli cultivate feelings of love as Australian Eucalyptus assists to clear past wounds and enable forgiveness.  This delightful blend includes citrus notes to promote peace and happiness, whilst Ylang Ylang and Jasmine helps to awaken your innermost dreams and desires.

Chakra resonance:  Heart, Throat

To learn more about how Joy works energetically, please see the free chartAchieving Emotional Wellness with Soulfire Spirit Essential Oil Blends in the downloads section.

Testimonials for Joy essential oil blend:

Joy is my constant companion when I am working on a project and need to keep true to the essence and vision of my heart.”  Kirsten, owner Soulfire Artisan, Perth, WA

“Joy is my absolute fave oil of all time!  I just love how it smells and it always makes my kids happy too :)”  Claire, Perth, WA

“I have been using the oils you gave me and genuinely find them to be of superior quality. Joy being the one living in my diffuser:)” Owen, Galway, Ireland


Joy is a blend of 100% pure essential oils, resins and absolutes.  It is alcohol free and guaranteed over 80% organic. As part of the Soulfire Spirit range of essential oil blends for energetic wellness, Joy comes conveniently packaged in a customised light box, made of 100% recycled papercard.  Joy – an essential oil blend for happiness – makes an ideal gift, especially when paired with a handblown glass Soulfire Ampulla.


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