Confidence (Essential Oil Blend)

Confidence (Essential Oil Blend)


Calm stormy emotions, find a place of internal strength and radiate healthy self-esteem with Soulfire’s Confidence essential oil blend.  The spicy warmth of Cardamom mixed with the sweetness of Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang help to draw your focus inwards and bring harmony to unpleasant feelings.  Peppermint encourages understanding and fiery insight, whilst Grapefruit and Lemon helps you respond to challenges with assured enthusiasm.

Chakra resonance: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Throat, Crown

To learn more about the energetic benefits of Confidence essential oil, please see the free chart Achieving Emotional Wellness with Soulfire Spirit Essential Oil Blends in the downloads section.

Testimonials for Confidence essential oil blend:

“We have burned Confidence and Joy each day.  I love them.  It makes it feel like a little capsule of peace. ooxxoo”  Jae, Perth, WA

“If I’m feeling ‘wobbly’ in any way I just burn Confidence and it brings me right back into my strong self :). Thank you.”  Sarah, Perth, WA



Confidence is a blend of 100% pure essential oils, resins and absolutes.  It is alcohol free and guaranteed over 80% organic. As part of the Soulfire Spirit range of essential oil blends for energetic wellness, Confidence comes conveniently packaged in a customised light box, made of 100% recycled papercard.  Confidence essential oil blend makes an ideal gift, especially when paired with a handblown glass Soulfire Ampulla.


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