Clarity (Essential Oil Blend)

Clarity (Essential Oil Blend)


Open the gateway to intuition and expand awareness with Soulfire’s Clarity essential oil blend. Lemon Scented Tea Tree and Bergamot uplift and calm the mind to gently deepen insight. The sharpness of Basil stimulates clear thinking, whilst the balancing sweetness of Ylang Ylang and German Chamomile help to stabilise emotions and provide a point of strength from which to access higher levels of intuitive knowing.

Chakra resonance: Throat, Brow, Back Head, Crown

To learn more about the energetic benefits of Clarity essential oil, please see the free chart Achieving Emotional Wellness with Soulfire Spirit Essential Oil Blends in the downloads section.

Testimonials for Clarity Essential Oil Blend:

“A note to say my gift of Clarity and ampulla for my friend’s birthday was received with joyous raptures. Tracy is wearing it – and it looks fantastic on her. Thanks again.” Sue, Perth WA

“My daughter burned Clarity when she was studying for exams and she feels that it really helped her to stay calm and to concentrate. Thank you.” Melinda, Perth WA


Clarity is a blend of 100% pure essential oils, resins and absolutes. It is alcohol free and guaranteed over 80% organic.  As part of the Soulfire Spirit range of essential oil blends for energetic wellness, Clarity comes conveniently packaged in a customised light box, made of 100% recycled papercard.  Clarity essential oil blend makes an ideal gift, especially when paired with a handblown glass Soulfire Ampulla.


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