Ampulla Aromatherapy Pendant (assorted colours)

Ampulla Aromatherapy Pendant (assorted colours)


This beautiful hand made glass pendant is cleverly designed to diffuse your favourite Soulfire essential oil blend as you wear it, allowing you to boost your wellness and ignite your spirit with fragrance all day long.  An ampulla is a container for sacred essences.  What could be more perfect for these exquisite oils?

Testimonials from our happy community 🙂

“The glass ampulla necklace is a wonderful gift and given with a perfume or oil, I will guarantee joyous raptures of appreciation. A must have!!”  Sue, Perth, WA

“I took these overseas as presents and everyone loved them.  They are so unusual.”  Melanie, Perth, WA

“Everyone always comments on how good I smell and I have to admit it’s the necklace, not me,ahah!! It looks so amazing as well.”  Julia, Perth, WA

“I never take mine off.”  Lynn, Perth, WA


Soulfire’s Ampulla glass aromatherapy pendants come in a range of different colours.  They are hand crafted in Canada.  Each pendant is approximately 2.5cm in length – variations occur because they are made by hand – and comes with a black necklace cord and an eyedropper.  They are simply and elegantly packaged in pillow boxes, crafted from 100% recycled papercard.

To fill, simply turn your Ampulla Necklace upside down.  Using the eyedropper provided, extract your favourite Soulfire essential oil blend or perfume from its bottle and pump the oil into the funnel of the Ampulla.  Use a tissue to wipe away any residue.  Your necklace is now ready to wear.  The clever design of the pendant means that oil will go in easily and will not spill out, so that you can wear your Ampulla necklace with confidence and style.  The scent of your chosen Soulfire fragrance will diffuse around you  from your Ampulla as you wear it.  Refresh the oil every two weeks.

To refresh your oil or change your fragrance, extract any residual oil from your Ampulla using a needle syringe.  (You will need to buy this from a chemist).  Use the eyedropper provided to pump your chosen fresh essential oil or perfume into your Ampulla.  If you wish, your Ampulla necklace can be rinsed internally with surgical spirits between fragrance changes, using the eyedropper and syringe method.


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