Workshop – Aromatherapy and Energetic Wellness


Would you like to learn how to take charge of your emotions and revitalize your energy using effective, simple and natural techniques?  In this engaging, 2 hour workshop Chantal (from Unfold Your Freedom) and Kirsten (from Soulfire Artisan) will guide you through the anatomy of your own emotions.  You will learn how emotions physically express in your body, how you experience these emotions and effective meditation techniques to release any stress and tension you may be feeling.  You will also learn how to use essential oils to support yourself emotionally and energetically.  Full guidance will be given to help you create a personal blend of essential oils, specially formulated to support your own emotional and energetic needs.





Each participant will receive a workshop manual and a bottle of their personally formulated essential oil blend to take home.
Please wear comfortable clothes.  No prior experience of meditation or aromatherapy is necessary.

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Sat. 10th June 2017, 2pm – 4pm, Venue: Daglish, Perth 6008

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