Free chart – Achieving Emotional Wellness with Soulfire Spirit Essential Oil Blends


This free chart gives you an indepth explanation of how Soulfire Artisan’s Soulfire Spirit essential oil blends can help you to stay emotionally strong and healthy.  Each of the five essential oil blends in this range – Clarity, Joy, Confidence, Vitality and Presence – have been specifically formulated to balance the subtle energy flows of your body, mind and spirit.


The Soulfire Spirit range of essential oil blends was developed by Kirsten during her years as a practising kinesiologist and natural therapist.  This chart and the accompanying essential oil range can be used for clinical energy work by a trained therapist.  They can also be used by you at home as a meditation aid, to scent a room and create a soothing environment. Each essential oil blend can be worn in a Soulfire Ampulla Aromatherapy Pendant to help keep your energy strong and stable as you go about your day. Please see our free chart on how to use essential oils and perfumes for more tips on how to safely use the Soulfire Spirit range of essential oil blends at home.

Please note that if you order this chart in addition to other products, the free download will not be available until after payment funds have cleared (usually the following day).  If you wish to have immediate download access, please order this chart as a separate purchase.

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