At the heart of Soulfire Artisan is a commitment to living an artistic and beautiful life in the biggest way possible – in harmony with Mother Earth and in deep connection with the creative power that lives within every one of us.

Soulfire Artisan products are created to celebrate the beauty of the natural world all around us and to share with you tangible ways to give Beauty, Nature and Creativity a meaningful place in your life.

I invite you to:

  • eek Beauty everywhere… it will uplift your heart and transform your spirit
  • pen your heart and allow beauty and love to shine in all that you do
  • nfurl the flower of Creativity that resides deep within you and act upon it
  • L ive mindfully and do no harm
  • eel Nature’s power to heal you and put you back in right relationship with yourself and with Mother Earth
  • gnite your spirit… with heart-felt, authentic self expression
  • ejoice in being alive
  • njoy using your senses – they are a gift of Life 🙂

Kirsten Hocking - owner of Soulfire Artisan

About Kirsten Hocking

founder of Soulfire Artisan

I am just like you. I am a working mum, juggling the many demands of modern family life.  I know how it feels to be pulled in a hundred directions at once.  That’s why I love what I do.  I offer you natural perfumes, essential oil blends, workshops and original art gift cards – simple things to give you moments of joy in your busy life.  Dot your day with happiness, so you can be ready to give to those who need you.

And if you want the fuller story…

I am an artist and high school visual arts teacher who works within the disciplines of painting, perfumery, drawing and ceramics.

For over 15 years, I  have also worked professionally as an aromatherapist and kinesiologist. This informs my love of natural essential oils and my extensive knowledge of their therapeutic qualities. In 2011, I created a range of handcrafted essential oil blends to help my clients stay healthy. Through this experience, I fell in love with the art of natural perfumery.

I am delighted to bring you high quality botanical perfumes and artistic products that have all been crafted with a deep awareness of beauty and a commitment to authentic, creative expression.  As an artist, I work with natural materials that are minimally processed, such as charcoal, oil pigments and natural botanical extracts. It is important to me that the materials I use hum with the wisdom and power of Nature preserved within them as this makes my art more potent for everyone who uses it.

When creating a perfume, I use the botanical essences much like I would use pigments in a painting.  I think of each perfume as a work of art: I am telling a story through scent instead of through line or colour.  Each scent has a different shape, feel and colour. My aim is to combine all these different characters into a beautiful, harmonious whole that will uplift you and give you an emotional sense of the story I am telling.

Through Soulfire Artisan I offer you artistic works in natural botanical essences that fall outside the realm of visual art.  If you would like to learn more about my painting and drawing practice please see here and here.

Rose illustration - artist: Kirsten Hocking

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