Ignite your spirit with fragrance

Imagine falling in love with a beautiful fragrance composed entirely of precious essences derived wholly from Nature.

Breathe deeply and inhale the soft whisperings of plants and flowers, resins and spices.
Allow them to unfurl within you, uplifting your heart and nurturing your wellbeing with rejuvenative power.

Connect with your essence.
Open the doors to your creative centre.
Nourish your spirit and express your individuality.

Soulfire Artisan offers you sensuously artistic natural perfumes, high-vibration essential oil blends, informative workshops and original art prints to delight your senses and empower your soul.


Kirsten Hocking

I am just like you.

I am a working mum, juggling the many demands of modern family life. I know how it feels to be pulled in a hundred directions at once. That’s why I love what I do. I offer you natural perfumes, essential oil blends, workshops and original art gift cards – simple things to give you moments of joy in your busy life. Dot your day with happiness, so you can be ready to give to those who need you.


Paintings and Drawings



“I just love your perfumes. I haven’t bought perfume for years as I react to the chemicals. I was so excited to find your perfumes! They don’t cause me to react in any way and I love how beautiful I smell.”

Michelle S., Perth, Western Australia

“I am officially OBSESSED with the (Soulfire Artisan) Rose and Camellia facial serum: it’s so luxurious and makes my skin all glowy when I wake up in the morning… I am in love…”

Tilli A., Perth, Western Australia

“The perfume workshop was so fantastic! We all enjoyed it so much and went above my expectations. I love my scent!”

Lara E. , Perth, Western Australia